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Yoga Pilates Yogalates for Runners by Runners

Many runners experience muscle tightness, aches and pain due to past or current injuries. Do you want to keep running and keep those injuries away? Planning to run for many years to come?  A key part of the Holistic Running methodology is Core, Flexibility and Strength - we help you reduce the risk of running injuries by developing a stronger core, correcting muscle imbalances and gaining more flexibility through Yoga and Pilates. Most group Yoga Pilates classes are not specifically tailored to solve runner's problems, why pay for other yoga pilates classes and only get 50% of the content relevant to runners ?  Join ours - it is 100% customized for runners, conducted by experienced Yoga and Pilates instructors who are also runners themselves. It's for runners, by runners ! 

Class sizes are e intentionally kept small  just so that our instructor can focus on you, but there is a minimum number to start a class. Please book multiple classes ahead of time to avoid disappointment. We will inform you 48 hours before classes start if there are changes.

Getting friends to join you can me more fun ! Invite them to sign up too - forward this registration form link to them -