10,000 runners


the boston marathon

have got it right !!


Skechers customers in a core strength training session

Scientifically proven

training program

'Run Less Run Faster' is the No.1 Best seller on Rodale Publishers list

Endorsed by Runners World and Running.Competitor.com

It has helped more than 10,000 runners worldwide to qualify for the Boston Marathon

Contact : Andrew Cheong mobile +65-94239403    email : andrew@sstar.fitness

Furman Institute of

Running and

Scientific training (FIRST)

SSTAR.fitness has collaborated with the sports scientists and developers of the 'Run Less, Run Faster'  training program. From the performace labs at Furman University, South Carolina USA.

Dr Bill Pierce, Dr Scott Murr has worked directly with Andrew Cheong our Founder and Head Coach to bring FIRST to Singapore. Andrew has adapted the program to suit local and Asian conditions.

The good doctors have just published another new ground-breaking book !

Join us to see how SSTAR.fitness holistic approach to running makes sense.