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THere is more to

running then running

holistic runningTM

five focus areas 

We believe there is more to running than just running. Our Holistic RunningTM covers five focus areas. We get our athletes to focus on Running Gait improvement to become a more economical and efficient runner. To achieve this, Core, Flexibilitiy and  Strength is required. The core is not just sit ups, planks alone ! Each individual has unique strengths and weakness, prior injuries and muscle imbalances that need to be corrected with a set of exercises. Besides that, Nutrition, specially for the endurance athlete is important. And putting it all together on race day, requires Mental Toughness training. That said, day-to-day self motivation, self-discipline and exercise adherence is also key. Endurance sports success is all about consistent training, find the right balance between work and rest. Here at we teach our athletes to be self-directed and focused.