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Join us for a free TRAINING sessions

every TUE, Thu, Sat

Run with us as often as you like, for as long as you like - Standard Charted Marathon Singapore training program is now available 

Tuesday Speed and strength training, 6:45pm - 8:45pm, Kallang Practice Track

1. Learn different routines for warm up and cool down and how to apply them 

2. How to do speed intervals correctly, train within your V02Max training zone and regulate your speed and exertion

3. Know the difference between active and passive rest intervals and how to use each type

4. Core strength exercises to build an efficient running form. New exercises each week !

5. Plyometric training for strength, speed and agility

‚ÄčThursday Tempo Runs, 6:45pm - 8:45pm, Sports Hub Gate 10

1. Learn how to improve your speed and running economy atLactate Threshold with  three different Tempo run paces

2. Experience different speed endurance training sessions with cruise intervals, fartlek, progression runs and more

3. Practice running drills, learn the correct running posture, forward lean, cadence and foot strike

4. Improve your running form and economy with leg, ankle, arms and shoulders action

5. Reduce the risk of running injuries with core strength training

Saturday Long Runs, 6:30am - 9:00am, start from Kallang Practice Track,

run around Kallang River Park, East Coast Park, Barrage, etc

1. Proper nutrition planning - how to hydrate and fuel correctly before, during and after long runs

2.  Learn how to keep an even pace, and how to adjust for even effort to training within different aerobic zones

3. Know the mental strategies to make long runs more interesting and fun

4. How to use the long run as race day simulation practice

5. Try new stretching routines to improve post-run recovery

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Joining us is more fun with friends ! Ask them to come along, forward this link to them and start together