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Run Less, Run Faster

​Reach your goals with a holistic training program

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* Running and fitness workshops - learn about running gait, correct form, training principles 
* Corporate workshops on various fitness topics - 
engage your employees, customers and partners 
* Mental Skills Training - build Mental Muscle for sports, work and life
* Core, Flexibility, Strength - run injury-free, stay stronger, run longer
* Group exercise - enjoy the company of the running community
* Personal training - with qualified personal trainers to correct specific running issues, for1-to-1 instruction

Our training covers aerobic and anaerobic workouts, core, flexibility and strength training, mental skills training, nutrition and running gait and beyond.



our Services

Our experienced coaches have current certifications from the various internationally recognized organizations like the IAAF, FISAF, RRCA, and locally with Sports Singapore We bring passion coupled with years of experience. We love running and care about your training as much as you do.

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We accurately calculate V02Max, Lactate Threshold and Aerobic capacity then develop customized online training programs for all levels from 5k to the Marathon, Ultra-marathons and Triathlons.

Based on Sports Science, verified by more than 10,000 athletes world-wide. Delivered through qualified coaches in collaboration with the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST)



Looking for a training program that is tailor-made just for you? You are unique, and so should your training – tailored to your fitness level, lifestyle and training goals. No workout is the same..